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Proposed Contract Settlement

PM and Violation Log Form

NYC Deferred Compensation Plan- Elevator Mechanic Retro Payment Schedule

5 Provisional Openings for Elevator Mechanic available at NYCHA

***Urgent*** All CS Helpers….There is a job posting for Elevator Mechanic on the NYCHA Paystub page located here According to the webpage there is 5 openings for the title of elevator mechanic. Log in to website and click on

Contract for the Titles Supervisor of Elevator Mechanics, Elevator Mechanics and Elevator Helpers Ratified

  On December 18th , 2013 the contract for the titles ¬†supervisor of elevator mechanics,elevator mechanic and elevator helper have been ratified by a vote of 328 YES to 35 NO. Just want to thank everyone involved in Local #237

Elevator Field Safety Handbook PDF

Elevator Maintenance Manual by Zack McCain PDF

Next MEWA Meeting Scheduled for Dec 5th , 2012

MEWA MEETING THURSDAY DEC 5 th 6pm Knights of Colombia 49-18 Queens Blvd  and 49th st Membership drive, elections for officerers, contract updates.

MEWA Supplement Legal Services Plan Form

July and August Mechanic and Helper Weekend Line Schedules

Mechanic_Weekend_Schedule_-_JULY_2013 Helper_Weekend_Schedule_-_JULY_2013 Mechanic_Weekend_Schedule_-_AUGUST_2013 Helper_Weekend_Schedule_-_AUGUST_2013