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Local #1 Elevator Constructors Union Offering Apprenticeship Program

Elevator Constructors Recruit Apprentices   Long Island City, NY (May 03, 2013) -The International Union of Elevator Constructors JATC Local #1 will conduct a recruitment from June 3, 2013 through June 14, 2013 for 50 Elevator-Escalator Constructor and Modernizer apprentices,

NYCHA Development Residents Furious Over 400 Percent Parking Rate Hike…… NYCHA Says Rate Hike Wil Ensure ‘Cleaner And Safer’ Lots

Residents of the New York City Housing Authority developments were furious earlier this week, after learning that their parking fees jumped in a big way. “It’s highway robbery. Just without the gun, that’s it,” Shana Karlsen told CBS 2′s Derricke

New Elevator Bill Proposed to Legislature

2013-2014 Regular Sessions I N A S S E M B L Y (PREFILED) January 9, 2013 A00250 Summary: BILL NO A00250 SAME AS No same as SPONSOR Kavanagh (MS) COSPNSR Rosenthal, Millman, O'Donnell, Gibson, Weinstein MLTSPNSR Add SS28-304.10 -

Warning: Vultures eyeing NYCHA

Looking north, east, or west from the roof of my Williamsburg apartment building, you can see plenty of steel-and-glass condos either recently built or nearing completion. But to the south, red brick projects dominate the skyline. At the moment immune

Hazard of Mixed Signals

An attorney for seven subway signal inspectors who have admitted faking inspections reported last week that an arbitrator ordered that they return to work after concluding that their dereliction was the result of following orders. A report by senior managers

Mayor Bloomberg’s Reheated Balloon

  If union leaders weren’t stampeded to the bargaining table nearly a year ago by Mayor Bloomberg’s declaration that he would not grant retroactive pay raises, what made administration officials believe they were ready to buy in now? That’s the

Unions Say Thanks for Nothing To Mayor’s No-Retro Contract Offer

If the city’s unions want contracts with the Bloomberg administration guaranteeing future raises, they’re going to have to accept a lack of retroactivity and start paying a portion of their health-care costs, Deputy Mayor Caswell Holloway indicated in an April

NYCHA’s parking rates for residents to jump by 400%

The agency told residents in March that it is switching parking in those developments from nonreserved to reserved, which would cause the rates for seniors and the disabled to soar from $60 a year to $272. Residents who were paying

Bloomberg offers Municipal Unions a Raise , With Conditions

The Bloomberg administration just made an offer to the city’s 300,000-strong municipal workforce that the unions can certainly refuse. “The Bloomberg administration is prepared to settle a new contract with any union, with wage increases, that agrees to two conditions:

$1 Billion Later, New York’s Subway Elevators Still Fail

  Christian Hansen for The New York Times Charles Sterrazza, left, and Matthew Benzinger, both in hard hats, worked on an escalator under the watchful eyes of passengers By WILLIAM NEUMAN Published: May 19, 2008 New York City Transit has spent close