Promotion to Supervisor of Elevator Mechanic (Provisional)

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Minimum Qualification Requirements

1. Six years of full-time satisfactory experience acquired within the last ten years as an elevator mechanic, including at least one year supervising personnel engaged in the maintenance and repair of elevators; or

2. Not less than five and one-half years of the experience described in “1” above, including the one year of supervisory duties, plus one of the following:
A) At least 6 months of closely related experience in the repair and maintenance of electrical or electromechanical control systems, or electrical, hydraulic or mechanical components of the following: escalators, drawbridges, aircraft, rail cars, or mechanical doors; or

B) At least 600 hours of training acquired at a trade or technical school or vocational high school or completed post-secondary education, approved by a state’s Department of Education or comparable governmental agency, with a major course of study in mechanical, electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology or closely related field; or

3. One (1) year of permanent service in the title of Elevator Mechanic.

License Requirements
At the time of appointment, candidates will be required to possess a Motor Vehicle Driver License valid in the State of New York. This license must be maintained for the duration of employment.

Preferred Skills

Possess a valid Department of Building (DOB) Elevator Inspector License or Co Director License.

Additional Information

1.  This position is open only to employees with one year of permanent service in the title of Elevator Mechanic.
2.  This position is open as a promotional opportunity only.  It is not open on a direct (lateral) basis.
3.  Employees applying for promotional, title or level change opportunities must have served a period of one year in their current title and level (if applicable).



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