Contract for the Titles Supervisor of Elevator Mechanics, Elevator Mechanics and Elevator Helpers Ratified



On December 18th , 2013 the contract for the titles  supervisor of elevator mechanics,elevator mechanic and elevator helper have been ratified by a vote of 328 YES to 35 NO. Just want to thank everyone involved in Local #237  and MEWA who got this contract settled.

2 Responses to Contract for the Titles Supervisor of Elevator Mechanics, Elevator Mechanics and Elevator Helpers Ratified

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  2. Mario J Sanchez says:

    This contract would have never been ratified if it were not for the hard work and dedication of our Union Brothers. As well as the joint cooperation and teamwork between our Union members and our Union administration. We stood together and fought for everything and anything that we knew we were entitled to (not to mention owed). Whether we won every battle we fought or not, there is no denying who won the war. It was a long process but it was worth every second of it. For those of you that had a MAJOR influence in making this possible. On behalf of all of Local 237 Elevator Div. We are eternally greatful and thankful….

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