Bill to Increase Criminal Penalties for Assaults on NYCHA Workers Passes the State Legislature

As a result of an aggressive advocacy campaign spearheaded by Local 237, The State Senate and Assembly have passed a bill that would raise the penalty for assaulting an employee of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) while performing his or her duty. Both NYCHA and the City of New York support the bill, S3965A (Lanza).

It must next be signed by Governor Cuomo to become law.

Assaults on NYCHA employees are all too common and frequently result in serious injuries. Crime in the housing developments is up 31 percent. A caretaker at South Jamaica Houses in Queens recently fought off an attempted rape. The District Attorney’s office charged the assailant with only “criminal mischief” because that was all that was allowable under the law. Another NYCHA employee was shot at Howard Houses in Brooklyn, while others have been stabbed, robbed and threatened. Cameras and surveillance equipment are lacking and lighting is often poor in the housing developments.

NYCHA employees are on the front line of government efforts to protect and care for public housing residents. Over the years, Local 237 has won enhanced criminal assault penalties to protect its members who work in Peace Officer titles.

When this bill is signed by Governor Cuomo and becomes law, NYCHA workers will have a similar level of protection that will help to deter assaults.

Contact Governor Cuomo, either by sending an email or letter, and urge him to support NYCHA workers by signing S3965A (Lanza).


Mailing Address:
Honorable Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York
Executive Chamber, State Capitol Building
Albany, New York 12224